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This is about my cages and cage cleaning!!!   I manage 20 plus cages so I need all the safe shortcuts I can get. Here is one of my cages:

How I clean my cages:

I use a hand held steam cleaner once a week and a bowl of water with a cleaner that kills Mrsa, ecoli, aids, you know all of that with a washcloth, then rinse

In between cleanings I use clorox wipes. I use velux (from JC Penny) blanket cut to fit the bottoms of all my cages (carpet for gliders) and toss them in the washer every three days, saves a lot of time on cleaning the bottom of the cage in the long run!!!

 I  have to take the cages ouside every 3 months(at least) and wash with a cleaner that kills everything!  

I wash the pouches, hammocks, toys and wheel when they start to get an odor (not all at once though or the gliders will overmark)!


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